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Deputy Aaron Muradyan grew up in Rancho Cordova, going to local schools and playing basketball. He is now a deputy with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and owes much of where he is now to Rancho Cordova PAL. Read His Story

Former PAL Youth Leadership Council member Monique Newton was selected among a record 581 nominees for the 2018 NCAA Woman of the Year award.

PAL has impacted my life in many ways. When I first went to a PAL event, I was really happy to volunteer because everyone was so nice. Also, I feel like without PAL, I would be really quiet. Because of PAL, I have gained social skills, skills that help me speak publicly and to take care of my community. Now, I love to volunteer and help my community. - Ashvrya Sharma 

PAL has done many things for the community, for the children and even me. Some of the many things PAL has done is given me opportunities to interact and to have fun interacting with my community. PAL has also given me the opportunity to excel in outreach and my speech skills. PAL has helped me interact with my community through all of its fun events, such as Junior Giants where children have the opportunity to enjoy a free baseball league. This is what PAL has done for me and my community. - Daniel Ortiz

PAL has impacted me in many ways. It has helped me gain more social skills and has given me the opportunity to meet new friends. PAL will help me get into a good college because of how many volunteer hours I have. PAL has changed me in a good way because I now reach out to people that are being bullied. - Maria Hernandez

All my life I wanted to be a teacher. Now that I am with PAL/Youth Leadership Council I can start volunteering to become a teacher. That is how PAL has impacted my life. Thanks PAL. - Anthony Lacayo, Jr.