Martial Arts

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Rancho Cordova PAL has partnered with Lee’s Martial Arts to provide Rancho Cordova youth with an introduction to martial arts training. The PAL Martial Arts program includes a mentoring aspect, which focuses on the core values of respect, discipline, staying healthy and personal safety. This is an excellent way for boys and girls to gain self-confidence by learning an important and useful skill. They will also benefit from instruction and mentoring by Grandmaster Kidong Lee, an 8th Degree Black Belt certified by The World Tae Kwon Do Federation and the Korean Hapkido Federation. His training and breadth of experience extend over 60 years. He truly believes that making the decision to pursue the journey of martial arts changed his life for the better and wants to help others find this positive experience.

Group photo of all the martial arts attendees
Two kids sparring.
Grandmaster Kidong Lee demonstrating how to do a kick.
Students listening to Grandmaster Kidong Lee.
Students lined up on mat.
Group photo of students with Grandmaster Kidong Lee.