Outdoor Adventure Club

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Supported in part by the Measure H Community Enhancement Fund from the City of Rancho Cordova

Outdoor Adventure Club utilizes outdoor activities to "reboot" the youth in our community. We know kids spend over 7 hours a day in front of a screen, so now more than ever, our kids are in need of a positive, healthy, and safe break from their devices. Our club will embark on outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, snow trips, aquatic activities, and much more. PAL utilizes these adventures to build our kids' confidence, promote creativity/imagination, appreciate nature, teamwork, and physical fitness. Club members will also participate in outdoor community events, such as tree plantings, community clean-ups, and other PAL events.

Boy holding adventure club pin
On the boat heading to Alcatraz
On a boat, in the ocean, can see Alcatraz in the background
Girl shooting an arrow with a bow. Girl practicing Archery
Group of kids and adults posing in front of folsom lake
Group picture of people at archery range.
Kids horseback riding on a trail.
Kids having fun on an obstacle course at Quarry Park
Quarry park view- Nestled in a quarry with a small pond and an obstacle course.
Kids in the snow on innertubes
Kid hiking on a trail
Group of Kids and adults playing mini golf
Group posing with Laser tag equipment
Kids playing indoor soccer in bubbles
Group of kids and adults sitting on rocks in front of folsom lake
Kids playing indoor soccer in bubbles
Kids standing ready to start camping trip
Kids writing in the sand at the beach
Girl using compass to find directions on trail
Kids playing in the water at the beach
Kids toasting smores around a firepit