STEM Summer Classes

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June 13 - June 17 | 9am - 12pm


Dive into a world of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering! Learn through hands-on building projects and activities.

Introduction to Python
June 13 - June 17 | 1pm - 4pm


In Echelon Catapult’s Introduction to Python, students will learn the basics of one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This high-level language, which emphasizes easy readability, is perfect for beginners! Students will be writing a variety of their own programs using online resources such as the Online GDB compiler. They will build an understanding of basic programming techniques, variables, user input, logical statements, and loops. Python can be used for a variety of applications, including software engineering, data analysis, machine learning, and more. In addition, Python’s versatility also makes it a solid foundation for learning other computer languages. Join us for this hands-on class full of activities and exercises!

Life on Planet Earth!
June 21 - June 24 | 9am - 12pm *(Time change)


In Life on Planet Earth!, get ready to learn about ecology: the science of how all organisms on Earth interact with each other and the environment! Because ecology requires an understanding of multiple fields, students will first learn about how geology and the astronomy of the solar system leads to weather patterns on Earth. Then, we will explore how these weather patterns affect the occurrence of biomes and the biodiversity of living creatures. Students will practice population ecology through calculations and data analysis. Then students will examine communities and ecosystems as they research and create presentations about ecosystems and build their own miniature terrariums! The course will conclude by exploring and debating possible solutions to global warming, pollution, and deforestation, all of which are continually changing the face of the Earth.

Cybersecurity 101
June 27 - July 1 | 1pm - 4pm


In Cyber 101, you are a cybersecurity detective! Using open-source intelligence techniques, students will find personal and private information unintentionally leaked on the Internet, and learn how to protect their own. Navigating different social media sites, they will explore authentication, encryption, PPI (Personal Private Information), and malware. Students will then use these offensive techniques and dive headfirst into defensive measures of security: ciphers and cryptography, password cracking, and digital forensics. The final day of the workshop will be a competitive and engaging scavenger hunt, requiring a fun application of the skills learned in the course! This hands-on workshop, with various skills-based activities, is guided by Jesuit High School and St. Francis High School’s Cybersecurity Teams.

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